From learning a new language to venturing a new culture to conducting press interviews, the general everyday life of a footballer has drastically intensified over the recent years...

Maximising Potential Through Welfare

Founded by former Premier League football player Vincent Pericard, Elite Welfare Management (E.W.M.) is a hybrid welfare-support service dedicated to delivering a bespoke range of specialist programmes with the sole aim of maximising a player's ability on the pitch by ensuring his wellbeing off it.

Whether required for a new signing or a current first team, reserve or academy player at clubs in all professional levels, E.W.M. will implement its vast range of Educational, Psychological and Lifestyle Management services tailored to each individual and their unique circumstances to combat the perils away from the field of play suffered by players.

In addition to assigning specialist personal assistants to the player and his family - who are able to fluently communicate in the player's home language - E.W.M. also uses innovative and interactive technologies in our Educational programmes to engage the player and help to resolve existing issues at all times of the day.

Our experienced in-house team of experts, coaches and former football players have discovered and hold the belief that if a player is happy and settled within their personal life, their performances on the pitch will subsequently be enhanced and the potential which the club believed and invested in will begin to be repaid.

88% Time - 100% Improvement

Statistics have shown that the average professional football player spends 88% of his time outside of his club's supervision, subsequently leaving him exposed to dangers such as isolation, a slower integration within his club and community and becoming vulnerable to negative influences.

Elite Welfare Management will use this time to work with the player, subsequently allowing the player to dedicate his time whilst at his club in working with their own personnel in developing and enhancing his performance on the field of play, apposed to concerning themselves with issues happening away from the pitch which are preventing the player from performing.

E.W.M. aims to achieve this by introducing the player to our modules, which include:


Empowering The Player

  • Assigning a suitable and specialist language tutor and translator - available to his family, too
  • Providing innovative and interactive educational tools and technologies
  • Providing innovative educational sessions with academy players
  • Training in developing their media duties
  • Teaching techniques in overcoming everyday stresses and frustrations


24/7 Welfare Support

  • Eliminating isolation and homesickness
  • Offering counselling and psychological support
  • Support to overcome crisis such as long-term injury, cultural differences and family being unsettled
  • Support with bereavement
  • Advising on new accomodation suited to the player and his family
  • 24/7 Personal Assistant available to the player and his family

Social Inclusion

Preventing and Assisting

  • Implemeting strategies to prevent psychological dangers
  • Educating and intergrating new signings and academy players into community
  • Using technologies to connect and adapt to a new culture
  • Lowering isolation by improving social skills
  • Empowering the player's independance

Our Vision

Elite Welfare Management is not an agency, and nor will we ever interfere in any contractual or financial negotiations or business between the player, his agent, or the club. Instead, we are simply here to provide an initial aftercare service to ensure the player's welfare is being individually catered for, before providing support throughout his career to maintain his happiness and wellbeing.

It is our vision to work in cohesion with the club and agent to allow us to fulfil a service which we and many professionals internationally at all levels and positions within football believe is desperately needed, to ultimately benefit all parties involved.

As an independent company, we are not an agency and have no wish or desire to intrude or compromise the decision or authority of a football club or agent....