Maximising Potential Through Welfare

Founded by former Premier League player Vincent Pericard, EWM aims to maximise Sport Professionals performance by ensuring their personal and family’s welfare through our specialist modules of Education, Psychology and Lifestyle support.

Whether required for a new signing or a current first team, reserve or academy player at clubs in all professional levels, EWM will tailor a bespoke package to each individual and their unique circumstances to combat the difficulties faced away from the field of play.

Our experienced in-house team of experts, coaches and former football players have discovered and hold the belief that if a player is happy, and settled within their personal life, their performance will subsequently be enhanced.

88% Time - 100% Improvement

Statistics have shown that the average professional football player spends 88% of their time outside the club's supervision, subsequently leaving themselves exposed to risks such as isolation, a slower integration within their club, and community and becoming vulnerable to negative influences.

EWM will use this time to work with the player, subsequently allowing them to dedicate their time whilst at the club. Therefore, allowing the player to develop and enhance their performance on the field of play, whilst relieving themselves of issues away from the pitch.

Our Vision

Although EWM is currently focused on professional football players, our unique and tailored models can be modified to suit all ranges of sports around the world. Here at EWM, it is our long term goal, to support and assist all sports professionals through the use of modern technology and our specialist services.

As an independent company we work in cohesion with the club to allow us to deliver a bespoke service. We and many other professionals internationally at all levels within sport believe it is greatly needed to ultimately benefit all parties involved.