At EWM, we provide creative and positive Education workshops, delivered by both former players and specialist coaches. We teach strategies to help to overcome or manage current difficulties, by raising psychological awareness and developing psychological skills. This then empowers Sport Professionals to make independent and informed decisions leading to greater success.

Key Education Workshops include:

  • Stress management
  • Social Awareness & Social Support Networks
  • Injury awareness
  • Transition/Relocation
  • End of contract/Retirement
  • Cultural awareness/Team Cohesion
  • Relationship Awareness
  • Financial foundation
  • Specialist Language Tuition

Raising players’ awareness of the relationship that exists between their social environment and their professional football environment is vital to performance success. Providing psychosocial support through workshops creates an opportunity to educate players’ on this influential relationship and to create a positive balance between the two.

When players experience stresses created from their football environment (e.g. injury) we want to proactively prepare them to cope effectively with this stress in their social environment, therefore deterring them from engaging in negative and damaging behaviours. Likewise, when social concerns arise (e.g. relationship problems), we want to better prepare them to cope effectively so performance slumps are eliminated.

We encourage Sport Professionals to share their experiences with shared values and beliefs, which further creates a sense of belonging and foundation for success.