From learning a new language, to venturing a new culture, to conducting press interviews, the general everyday life of a footballer has drastically intensified over recent years.

Personal experiences and applied research highlights how a player’s lifestyle will affect their performance on the pitch. It is vital for clubs to understand and meet the specific needs of each player in order to maximise performance, development and potential through welfare and wellbeing. Whilst we acknowledge the role of the Player Liaison Officer, and the commitment of many clubs to equally assist their players, there are however some major limitations that we can help you to successfully overcome.

Every player is an individual with varying likes and dislikes, different native language and cultural background, family circumstances and ideas as to how they live their life; no two cases are the same. With this in mind, a major life event such as relocation comes with a number of practical, logistic and administrative barriers for players and their family, which can hamper their experiences and consequently their performance.

Alarmingly if these issues are neglected or inadequately managed, they can lead to substantial problems in the future, resulting in decreased performance, potentially detrimental decrease in athletes self-esteem and major financial loss. Ultimately it is about focusing on the minor details that will have a big impact on a player’s wellbeing, football clubs’ success and return on investment.

The following identifies areas in which EWM can assist:

  • Living Preference assessment
  • Relocation Management For Player & Family – UK & Overseas
  • Sourcing Schools for Children
  • Support in Developing Social/ Support Network For Family
  • Support in Preventing/ Minimising/ Treating Isolation and Homesickness
  • Specialist Language Tuition
  • 24/7 Family Support
  • 24/7 Off Field Incident Management