#UNDISCLOSED: Blair Sturrock – Fine Line Between Lack of Confidence & Depression

#UNDISCLOSED: Blair Sturrock – Fine Line Between Lack of Confidence & Depression

Former Plymouth Argyle player Blair Sturrock speaks with EWM in this week’s UNDISCLOSED interview, who reveals the mentality of a dressing-room towards Depression.

Sturrock, the son of manager, Paul, admits his Psychological health worsened during his time within football, with Depression and anxiety beginning to dominate his professional and personal life.

Speaking exclusively with EWM, Sturrock reveals – being the son of a manager – his constant battle to prove himself to his supporters and teammates, which often left him isolated.

Sturrock believes an old mentality towards Depression remains within football, and hopes to see more outlets made available to players across the leagues to seek guidance over fears and concerns.

Sturrock discusses the culture within football of how and why players may fall into addictions, using alcohol or gambling for example as coping mechanisms for stress or anxiety.

In the final segment of the interview, Sturrock admits players may be able to avoid difficulties or at least manage them if they are educated in how to do so from a young age.

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